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Sixty per cent of all eye injuries happen in the workplace, so it’s imperative that employers and employees work together to ensure eye safety procedures are in place to prevent accidents.


Eye injuries in the workplace are most commonly caused by grinding and welding related activities, occurring most often within the construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and forestry, fishing and mining industries.  Another common cause is workers walking by or helping others perform tasks without wearing any, or the appropriate, eye protection. Other risks include chemical injuries (acid or alkali splashes). First aid involves irrigating the eye immediately, preferably with sterile saline, but otherwise tap water will do, just irrigate for 15 to 20 minutes under constantly running saline or water, remove contact lenses of you have them and seek urgent medical attention.


Optometrists Association Australia recommends a three-step approach as outlined in the Australian Standard to reduce eye injuries in the workplace:


-Eliminate possible eye hazards

-Control potential hazards

-Wear the correct eye protection.


Safety glasses should fully cover the eye area and provide side protection. Wearing the right eye protection for the job will prevent eye injuries.  Workers sometimes wear standard spectacles believing that their eyes are sufficiently protected, but standard spectacles are only designed to correct vision and may not protect the eyes from injury.  We can provide safety spectacles, in your prescription if necessary, to provide the best possible protection from eye injuries.


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